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Driving Distances to/from Spearfish

381.9 mi

6 hrs 2 mins

956 mi

13 hrs 50 mins

1660.4 mi

24 hrs 42 mins

47.9 mi

43 mins

70.6 mi

1 hr 15 mins

91.2 mi

1 hr 38 mins

193.6 mi

3 hrs 9 mins

14.9 mi

17 mins

13.4 mi

17 mins

19.7 mi

21 mins

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2016 Spearfish Gold Card

  • Spearfish Area Chamber of Commerce shared Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort's event.

    Congratulations on your celebration! Everyone is invited to join them this Friday for food and fun!

  • Exit 14 Construction Update Bulletin No 4

  • Spearfish Area Chamber of Commerce updated their cover photo.

  • BHSU is hosting the RMAC Track & Field Championships on May 6, 7, 8 and are seeking volunteers. If you are interested, contact Colleen Colleen Mischke at 605-642-6259.

  • A note from Cheryl at Sunflower Cottage: HI everyone, I wanted to let you know I am going into the final days of Sunflower Cottage. Beginning Saturday, April 30, everything in the shop will be at 75% off, if it has a sale sticker it will be 25% off the sale sticker. Individual greeting cards will be $1.25 each. This sale will go through Wednesday, May 4 which will be my last day. If anyone still has a gift certificate, please use it before I close. Many of the display units are also for sale, but the above discounts will not apply to them. All sales will be final. Be sure to come in for this HUGE sale, stock up on those gifts and decorations for all the seasons while you still can. Thanks, Cheryl, Sunflower Cottage